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Oilex (Absorbs oil)
easy to handle 
trouble-free disposal 
OILEX is a purely biological product that is highly e..ective at absorbing oil and other similar substances as 
petroleum based solvents and paints, lubricants, vegetable oils and other non-water soluble chemicals. 
OILEX can easily be applied on all kinds of surfaces. It removes oil from land as well as water, making it the 
ideal solution for any oil spill scenario. OILEX doesn't absorb water within the first 24 hours and stays on the 
surface of the water (even after having absorbed any kind of oil). It is non-toxic to the environment and easy 
to dispose. 
OILEX is hydrophobic and has an absorbtion rate of 100%. Also, it is capable of absorbing and retaining at 
least 3 times its weight in oil and similar substances. OILEX suppresses odors and reduces the spread of 
inflammable gases. It is completely biodegradable. 
OILEX is simply sprinkled over the oil spill. Afterwards it can be swept away or sucked off the surface. The 
road surface grip level is immediately restored upon application. OILEX instantaneously absorbs oil or 
similar liquids, this is why it can be used in turbulent waters. It is water-repellent for at least 24 hours and 
therefore can also be used as a preventive measure. 
Air ports, re..neries, stations, police stations, German Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW), red 
cross organisations, navy, army, forestry, large-scale industries, fuel stations, oil companies, coast guards, 
fuel oil suppliers, automobile industries, shipping companies, chemical factories, paint manufacturers, 
reconstruction companies, multi-storey car parking lots, ports, shipping, bus companies, waste disposal 
services, car racing stable, race courses, construction site, Autobahn maintenance offices, district water 
agencies, etc. 
OILEX is supplied in: 
-  bags of 50L (each is 7kg); 1 pallet = 51 bags 
- buckets of 10L (each is 2kg); 1 pallet = 88 bucketsCustomers can place orders for an individual bag/multiple bags, truckloads or full container loads.